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All you need to know about Graphene

About Graphene


Graphene is a two-dimensional carbon allotrope formed by densely packed carbon atoms held in a honeycomb like structure. This natural material has generated tremendous interest in the possible applications to a wide spectrum of industries due to the outstanding properties of graphene.


Properties of graphene

  • Thin material at only 1 atom thick;

  • Super strong material;

  • Super light and stretchable;

  • Transparent;

  • Impermeable;

  • Highly thermal conductivity;

  • Highly electrical conductivity;

  • Excellent chemical properties.


Potential applications of graphene

  • Screens and display

  • Conductive inks;

  • Composite materials;

  • Coatings and paints;

  • Electronics;

  • Energy generation;

  • Energy storage (batteries);

  • Fuel cells;

  • Membranes;

  • Lubricants.




Graphene In the News

Research Institutions 

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